6 Ways To Fund Your Surgery

No matter what your reason for getting a plastic surgery, financing the procedure would truly be very expensive. Most health insurances do not cover plastic surgery, some cover it partially and thus, the great burden of paying for it still remains solely in the hands of the patient. But just to be sure, check with your health provider whether you can get coverage for the procedure. If not, here are several ways of paying for it.

You may choose to pay for the procedure using your credit card, especially a new one which has a very low introductory rate. This is supposed to help you pay with ease since a very low monthly premium would be needed. However, you have to keep in mind to pay regularly and in time. If not, interest rates would surely pile up on top of you and you will find it harder to pay. Check in advance whether the surgeon or the clinic or the hospital accepts payment by credit card and make sure that you have enough balance to cover the costs of plastic surgery.

Another option available for you would be to pay through personal loans. Most banks and credit unions offer this type of loan in a minimum amount of $2,500. However, of great importance to the approval of this loan are your credit rating and your credit history. Thus, it is important to talk with the lending institution first for you to know how much money you can put your hands on and on how much interest will they be rated. This type of loan is usually secured, thus, collateral is needed.

Personal patient financing and cosmetic surgery loans are a little different with personal loans in such that they do not require collateral in exchange for the money. However, a very high credit score and strong credit history is a requirement. However, the financing programs offer low interest payments at a flexible terms. Thus, you can select which best fits you, depending on your monthly income.

As the lawyers take pro bono cases, so do the doctors. Several doctors give financing for their patient’s plastic surgery. Although this is not usual, there still are a number of these doctors. Some plastic surgeons have become wealthy enough for them to provide this service at a term, though their interest rates are typically higher than 10%. It would be lucky for you to get a hold of such doctors. So, you have to explore this option with different doctors and find out about their specific terms of payment.check details from:


Another viable option would be to ask some friends and family to help you finance the procedure. Tell them how important the procedure is to you and that they can forget to give you gifts for the coming Christmases and your birthdays, provided that they chip in for your operation. The key to this is enlightened and tireless persuasion. So use that charm and get to your loved ones’ pockets.continue reading..

If all these options fail, you can just always go back to the most traditional type of payment—personal savings. Most cases of plastic surgery are paid by the patient through his or her personal money. You have to take a look at your budget and determine how much you can set aside for the procedure. Slowly but certainly