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HIV Home Testing Kits: To Take or Not to Take?

HIV is the Human Immunodeficiency Virus which causes Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome in humans. It is very difficult and in majority of cases impossible for someone to know if they have the virus without getting tested. The best option is to go to a doctor, clinic or hospital to get tested however there are home test kits available for persons to use.

HIV Home Testing Kits

The HIV home testing kit if very confidential as there is not name or address assigned to the kit when it is being turned in. Persons only use a pre-assigned identification number instead of any personal information. The home testing kit is a quick and reliable way for someone to find out if they are carrying the virus. The kit comes with the necessary items for the person to collect a blood sample at home. The sample is then sent to the lab where it is tested and results are usually delivered by phone. If a person receives a positive result from the lab then they should always do a follow up test with a doctor.

Advantages of Home Testing Kits

There are numerous advantages of using a HIV home test kit:

• The most appealing advantage of a HIV home testing kit is the confidentiality that it offers persons. For persons who may want to take a HIV test they would prefer a confidential process rather than going to a doctor’s office.

• The test results are delivered by phone and for some persons this may make it easier to hear the results. The persons who deliver the results have no idea who they are speaking to.

• The home test kits are easy to use and come with clear and precise directions on use.

Disadvantages of Home Testing Kits

The major disadvantage of using the HIV home test kit is the absence of counseling for the person. Specifically for the case of positive results a person will need some good advice and information about their circumstance. In the case of the home test kit this type of advice and support is not readily available. This could lead a negative impact on the person if they receive a positive result and do not know the next step to take.visit today!

HIV Home

When the blood being tested contains the HIV antibodies then the test is 100% accurate, however if the person does not have HIV then the test is 99.5% accurate. For someone who believes they may have come in contact with the HIV infection the home test kit is a reliable, confidential and quick way to find out. Take a HIV test at home is better than not getting tested at all and being unsure about your HIV status. There are also options for the home test kit to be bought online. The home test kits are a good way for HIV testing to become more accessible for persons, especially for those persons who may be ashamed or too afraid to go to a public place to get tested.